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Helga Ritter is developing new biological weapons, on board the Floating Asylum ship. She receives a distress call from Lord Anderson.

Helga Ritter’s back story, set onboard the Floating Asylum and Washington DC USA (3991)


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Helga Ritter has continued her bio-weapons project in the safety of a floating asylum ship, far away from any of the resistance. She has begun to rebuild her life’s work, acquiring test subjects, deemed potentially dangerous to the Amanojuko vision of a New World Order. (This issue is dedicated to Stan Lee, who will live forever in his characters and the universe he has created.)

Helga Ritter’s back story, set onboard the Floating Asylum (3991)

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Abouna waits for Jarad to leave Alexand’s hospital room. He is concerned about her state of mind, and wants to evaluate whether she is too damaged to be useful to his future battle with the Amanojuko.

Abouna’s back story, set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)

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Filius Anderson and Helga Ritter are conducting a social experiment into Juba Apfvarzian’s reaction to being observed.

Filius Anderson’s back story, set in Somalia (3991)

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Juba Apfvarzian moves around Mogadishu, to escape from some very suspicious people, who seem to be observing him from a distance. He has spent a few good months at peace, without feeling followed, has even met a girl, called Lucy, and they are living together. He performs street magic to make money. They’re happy, and everything is going well with his life, until he gets that feeling of being watched again.

Juba’s back story, set in Somalia (3991)

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Lord Anderson takes Lady Ritter to see how far his Floating Asylum project has advanced (whilst she was absent, conducting Project Ghost Ship.)

Filius Anderson’s back story, set onboard the Floating Asylum (3991)

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The Amanojuko are growing a fleet of asylum ships, floating laboratories, designed to conduct experiments on humans, in safety. Lord Anderson materialises on board one of these vessels, accompanied by his prodigy, Helga Ritter. She already has a laboratory on board, but he plans to reward her for rescuing him, by giving her a floating asylum of her very own.

Helga’s back story, set onboard a floating asylum ship (3991)

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