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Giselle Balsara remembers parts of her childhood, and that she may have been abducted. She has flashbacks to being an adult, living in a place with marble walls and grand ornaments. But these are fleeting, dreamlike memories and she doesn’t know if they are real. She has woken with a small baby in her arms, in a strange shack. Underneath a trap door she found a cellar filled with books and paintings. (Banned things) Giselle can’t remember the years leading up to this event but she knows that the things in this cellar could get her into a lot of trouble if she’s discovered. This story is dedicated to Vera Poh, from To Dad With Love, for inspiring me to write another Giselle Balsara story. Thank you, Vera. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Giselle's back story, set in Nigeria (4025)

Giselle’s back story, set in Nigeria (4025)


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It’s world Liberty Day. The Amanojuko have taken control, and are storming universities all over the world. Abouna Panak is an ethics lecturer, who now wishes he had some sort of weapon, and the ability to disappear, as crowds of militant National Guards, groomed by the Amanojuko, flood the building. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Abouna’s back story set in Lagos University, Nigeria, (4006)

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Bernadette is bitter about her husband leaving her, after their marriage collapsed (as a result of the abduction of their first daughter, Giselle.) Her second daughter Yemi is her only comfort. Bernadette misses out on life with Yemi, retreating into a bitter and lonely world of regret and denial. This has spanned decades, leaving her trapped in her house, while Yemi attempts to help her.  (Yemi is a youth worker and drugs councilor.) This story is dedicated to my son, Sam, who brightens my life. Thank you, Sam. (Special thanks to Miss Passé for suggesting another story featuring Yemi Balsara.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Bernadette’s back story, set in Nigeria (4026)

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Yemi Balsara is a drugs councilor in Nigeria. Her elder sister, Giselle was stolen as a nine year old child, causing Yemi’s mother to sink into severe depression. Yemi was born a year after Giselle disappeared, but the absence of her sister has deeply affected her family, even though Yemi does her best to relieve her mother’s pain, it is never enough.  Bernadette leaves a candle burning in their window in the hope that one day Giselle will find her way home, but twenty years have passed and the old woman keeps waiting, leaving Yemi as her caretaker. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Yemi’s back story set in Nigeria (4026)

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Giselle Balsara has a secret. She hides banned books and keeps paintings in her cellar. In a world where books that don’t pop up, will get you put inside The Bad Thing Box, Giselle is taking an incredible risk, sharing her knowledge with her eleven year old daughter, Eldenath. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Giselle’s back story, set in Nigeria (4036)

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