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Mr Ash craves Lord Anum Anzeti’s gold mines more than any other place in the world.

Mr Ash's back story, set in South Africa, (6464)

Mr Ash’s back story, set in South Africa, (6464)


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Mr Ash is head National Guard working for Lord Anum Anzeti, Dala Hesa, and ruler of Earth One. (See issue 19: Anum Anzeti) Ash has sworn an oath of celibacy, but he is frustrated and angry. He can’t remember a time as a civilian, as he was indoctrinated into the service as a boy. It’s his job to relay orders to a tricky character, a genie, and Lord Anzeti’s pet, known to some as, The Guild Master’s General. (See Issue 40: The Guild Master’s General Part 2) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Mr. Ash’s back story, set in London (Formerly Hampshire) England (6459)

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