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Abouna waited impatiently for Alexand to explain why she didn’t want to invest her inheritance in his war. Alexand, although shocked by the revelation, and by the amount she has inherited, is happy to tell him exactly what she plans to do with the money from Katherine’s trust fund.

Alexand’s back story, set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)


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In the years before the arts were put inside “The Bad Thing Box,” there were artists and dreamers, musicians and opera singers. Edith MehXian was one of those artists. From the age of seventeen she sang amongst the finest opera singers in The Chinese Hall of Excellence. She came from a poor family, but her skill was so great that she won a scholarship and became one of the most loved singers in the whole of China. This is the story of her final performance. The day her dream ended. Edith was a perfectionist. She wanted people to remember her, flawlessly. (This story is dedicated to one of my childhood heroes, Elizabeth Sladen, who will be missed by many people, some of whom didn’t even know her, but grew up loving Sarah Jane Smith.) Edith MehXian is Alexand and Heyem’s paternal grandmother. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Edith’s back story, set in China (3959)

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