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Heyem sits in the pub, talking with Jarad, as Farokh has taken to the stage and attached himself to a set of drums. He was invited to play by the band members, once he announced he was a drummer.

Heyem's backstory set in Tibet (3991)

Heyem’s backstory set in Tibet (3991)

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Farokh sits drinking with his sisters and Jarad, before they settle down for the night.

Farokh's backstory, set in Tibet, (3991)

Farokh’s backstory, set in Tibet, (3991)

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Alexand booked four rooms, and told the bar keeper to expect Heyem, Farokh and Jarad later on that evening. She headed up to her room, glad that finally she had some time alone to see the damage inflicted by the illness, and months of travelling.

Alexand's backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

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Alex is finding it harder to disguise her illness. Thankfully they no longer have to walk, as Abouna arranged for a carriage to pick them up when they reached the plateaus of Tibet.

Alexand's back story, set in Tibet (3991)

Alexand’s back story, set in Tibet (3991)

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Jarad wakes up, in the middle of the night. He acknowledges the guards, and notices Alexand’s sleeping bag is empty. Her wig is lying beside it, along with the cowboy hat, and Jarad has a bad feeling.

Jarad's backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

Jarad’s backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

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Jarad walks with Alexand, as she leads her troops towards the borders of Tibet. (If you would like to donate to the Nepal Earthquake Appeal please visit the Red Cross Website or the DEC Website. Thank you.)

Jarad's backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Jarad’s backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

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Alex attempts to disguise her illness from her troops, as she leads them towards Tibet.

Alexand's backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

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