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The group have stopped for supplies in a nearby village in Xiongmeizhen.

Alexand's backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

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Inajda has been working deep undercover as a socialite, in an attempt to infiltrate a new Amanojuko experiment, entitled “The Floating Asylum,” which the Amanojuko plan to use to cleanse the human population of any resistance. She has managed to get herself a pass, and using one of Katherine’s blood shields, she waits at the security desk ready to board the ship.

Inajda's backstory, set in Russia (3991)

Inajda’s backstory, set in Russia (3991)

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The group made it to the top of the mountain safely, and trekked another half an hour down to the base camp in Annapurna, a place shielded from the elements. They have paid for pitched tents and have set up a camp fire, with some food roasting. Heyem sits by the fire, next to Alex, who is unusually quiet.

Heyem's backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Heyem’s backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

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After leaving the laboratory, Katherine retreated to her apartment, and sat staring at the wall for what seemed like hours. Once she’d stopped staring, she packed a bag of overnight supplies and set off outside, with one particular place in mind. After a few hours of traveling she found herself outside her father’s mansion, hoping somehow this would be enough to satisfy her need for closure. With, Inajda and Anesidor unreachable, Alex in Australia, her laboratory occupied, and her appetite for reading diminished by her failing eyesight, Georges and Kavita De Somme are all Katherine has left to turn to. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine's backstory, set in India (3990)

Katherine’s backstory, set in India (3990)

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Alex and Katherine discuss the enemy base plans, which Inajda has secretly given them, in an attempt to help save their lives. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Alexand's backstory set in Saskatoon military base, India (3990)

Alexand’s backstory set in Saskatoon military base, India (3990)

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A few weeks have passed and Katherine has been recovering from her surgery at home. Field Marshal Panak arranged for her and Alex to have leave. She has been very fatigued but is beginning to feel a little better. (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)

Katherine's backstory set in Saskatoon military base, India (3990)

Katherine’s backstory set in Saskatoon military base, India (3990)

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Two weeks have passed since the consultation with Dr Bhati. Katherine has undergone revolutionary surgery to replace her kidney and lungs with cloned organs, she has had a mastectomy and radiotherapy and lays unconscious in Doctor Bhati’s recovery ward, with Alexand sitting beside her, reading, waiting for her to wake up from the anaesthetic. (CLICK HERE for next story in the series)

Alexand's backstory set on Christmas Island (3990)

Alexand’s backstory set on Christmas Island (3990)

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