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Ichitumbu Jalhavi was one of the first Amanojuko. He walks the grounds of the Lowest Ranks of Separation looking for something beautiful to paint.

Ichitumbu's back story, set in Russia (3991)

Ichitumbu’s back story, set in Russia (3991)


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Alex and Inajda have left the scientists to their work, (to catch up on a lot of lost mother and daughter time.) Meanwhile Katherine and Anesidor discuss the Amanojuko virus. (The Amanojuko mentioned are Ichitumbu Jalhavi and Helga Ritter.) (If you have missed this series and would like to start reading from the very beginning of this story, please visit Issue 110: Farokh Merek Part 3) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine's backstory set in Professor Sumian's transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)

Katherine’s backstory set in Professor Sumian’s transient laboratory, top secret location (3990)

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After being taken from Katherine De Somme’s laboratory sickbay, Ichitumbu Jalhavi wakes in an unfamiliar place. He can feel the ground moving. He’s alone inside somewhere that echoes and creaks. (See Amanojuko parts one, two and three) This story also features Helga Ritter. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Ichitumbu Jalhavi onboard The Floating Asylum ship, somewhere in The Indian Ocean (3987)

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Alexand left the sick bay, after promising Katherine she wouldn’t tell a soul about Ichitumbu Jalhavi. Katherine attempts to negotiate with her American contact, Professor Anesidor Sumian.  (Note: The Writer is a device, which allows its user to quickly travel anywhere around the world. It’s also used for communications and storage. It was developed by Anesidor Sumian, and smuggled from America for the resistance in India by Alexand’s mother, Inajda Rekaya, on command of her superior officer, Abouna Panak, who has established links with the American resistance.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine De Somme, Saskatoon military base, India, (3987)

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After showing Alexand Merek the plague victims in her laboratory, (see issue 33: Amanojuko Part 1) Katherine De Somme is about to share a dangerous secret with her young cadet. (Please note, the ‘nightmare’ is a reference to the girl (Baio-Yujia Sun) Alexand accidentally killed. A girl who still haunts Alexand. See Baio-Yujia Sun and There’s No Place Like Home.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Katherine De Somme and Alexand Merek, Saskatoon Military base, India (3987)

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