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After falling on harder times, Molli needed to make money fast and is now an exotic dancer in a seedy little nightclub in Toronto. (The Masked Man, refers to The Guild Master’s General.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Molli's back story set in Canada (2013)

Molli’s back story set in Canada (2013)


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Martin grew up in a small town outside Alberta, Canada. It was hard as he was teased a lot for being feminine, but he loved to ride fast on the motorbikes his big brother fixed up in his bike shop. He’s been perfecting stunts in secret for the past year and is on a mission to stop the teasing, by giving the most magnificent motorbike display of his life to a crowd of college students. This is his moment. He’s going to jump from one parking lot rooftop to the next, forty feet in the air with no safety net. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Martin’s back story set in Canada (1999)

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Molli’s obsession with music and literature brings her to every bar and underground club, looking for emotional  and  artistic connections. She was brought up in an orphanage, and didn’t know anything about her family. She learnt that no one cared about her. Now 18, she craves for parts of herself disconnected by a lack of history, but doesn’t let anyone get close. She used to believe in steampunk, turned to electro punk and then goth, and vampirism, consuming and exploring every new possibility. She felt alone, that is, until one dark night, her perception changed forever. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Molli’s back story, set in Canada, (2010)

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