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Heyem was asked to meet up with her sister, Alexand, on a matter of urgency. (See Heyem Merek Part 2) She has very important things to do and isn’t impressed by the intrusion, as it breaks into her work schedule. (Painting on the wall behind, based on a print by Käthe Kollwitz, “Woman With A Dead Child,” 1903) (Note: When referring to Alexand’s ‘brood’ Heyem means Alexand’s children, Samuel, Ancille and Anastasia Merevija.) This story is set a few hours after and is directly related to Toreth Rek-cho, (issue 67) and will continue, (by request) with “The Other Side” (Parts 1 – 3) and conclude with “Toreth Rek-cho Part 4” (A special thank you to Pamela Spiro Wagner for encouraging me to continue this story and to stop taunting for once! On this occasion the reader gave life to a story and the writer kept it alive. Thank you Pam, the forthcoming issues wouldn’t exist without you.) (CLICK HERE for next chronological story)


Heyem’s back story, set in Hong Kong and Christmas Island, Australia. (4003)


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Ichitumbu is an immortal, from a race of people called The Amanojuko. Chop his arm off, it’ll grow back. He is the husband of Anastasia Merevija, the abducted daughter of Alexand Merek. He spends his life moving from one country to the next, attempting to prevent Alexand and her sister Heyem, stealing Anastasia back from him. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Ichitumbu’s back story set in Ecuador, South America, (4035)

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Maria Thamian, is waiting to deliver a very important message, to her sister in law, Alexand. Alex is late and Maria’s wife, Heyem is getting impatient. (The story also mentions, The Guild Master’s General and Field Marshal Abouna Panak.) CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Maria Thamian’s back story, set in Florence, Italy and The Mojave Desert (4025)

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Anum Anzeti has never met a lunatic quite as frightening as the man who claims to be a future version of himself. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Anum Anzeti’s back story, set in Alexandria, Egypt (2374)

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Juba Apfvarzian was a good magician. He woke up in an asylum ship, after performing a particularly skilful illusion. Magic can apparently get you into a lot of trouble, in an increasingly intolerant world. Alexand Merek has survived for three years inside the asylum, outliving everyone. She doesn’t know how she has survived, she just wants to be somewhere far away. (This asylum is responsible for the events leading up to issue # 1 of this series.) You can also read The Floating Asylum Parts Two, Three and Four. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

The Floating Asylum, somewhere in The Pacific Ocean. Alexand Merek and Juba Apfvarzian (3995)

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Giselle Balsara has a secret. She hides banned books and keeps paintings in her cellar. In a world where books that don’t pop up, will get you put inside The Bad Thing Box, Giselle is taking an incredible risk, sharing her knowledge with her eleven year old daughter, Eldenath. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Giselle’s back story, set in Nigeria (4036)

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Farokh is thirteen and has just lost his father, Eric, to a heart attack. He is angry with his father for dying and longs for a different life, somewhere better than his homeland. He wants to be like his older sister, Alexand. Nothing will convince him that life in the army isn’t the great adventure he dreams about. The mandarin in the second drawing reads, “Beloved Father.” It was placed there by Heyem in his honour. This story is set a few weeks after issue # 9: The Guild Master’s General. CLICK HERE for next chronological story.

Farokh’s back story, set in China (3988)

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