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Inajda wakes up, after being ambushed by a future version of Katherine De Somme. (Read Afterlife Part 3) Her version of Katherine is not in the shack, and as Inajda hunts around, she begins to remember things, previously wiped from her memory, like the death of Farokh, and Alex’s decline.

Inajda’s back story, set in Russia (3991)


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The survivors bury their dead, deep in the dirt of the Red Sand Hills of Kekexili. They lost four people, including a very young, Farokh Merek.

Alexand's backstory, set in China (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in China (3991)

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Alex and Heyem run through the dark trying to find their brother Farokh, after they were ambushed by bandits.

Alexand's back story, set in China (3991)

Alexand’s back story, set in China (3991)

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