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After defecting to the resistance, and being given asylum on board the Kyuunansen, by President Asenath Bomani, Ajeeta Kothari was invited to work as part of a team of scientists developing cloning technology. Cloning had been illegalised in the shrinking world outside this ship. Ajeeta Kothari has been instructed to wait for her first patient, who arrived this afternoon.

Ajeeta’s back story set on board the Kyuunansen (3991)


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Samira Ganesh leads Katherine from the High Council Chamber, past the laboratory wing, but doesn’t show her inside.

Katherine’s back story, set onboard the Kyuunansen (3991)

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Future Katherine takes Inajda to Nan Ha, to be with a very ill Alexand. Katherine watches from the trees, as Inajda makes her way down into the village, towards her brother’s house. Inajda turns around just in time to see Katherine dematerialise back to her future world.

Inajda’s back story, set in China (3991)

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After his release from Alexand Merek’s writer, Lord Anderson returned to the Amanojuko capital city, The Highest Ranks of Separation, to re-evaluate his agenda. He walks the art gallery, studying great works of art, which have been procured from the wealthy elites desperate to buy immortality. (Featured paintings are by John Martin: The Great Day of His Wrath 1851-53 and The Last Judgement 1853)

Filius Anderson’s back story, set in Russia (3991)

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After a month of overseeing Katherine’s rehabilitation, Inajda has been left behind, wondering where future Anesidor has taken her friend. She has been accompanied by the mysterious future version of Katherine, who seems to have an agenda for her as well.

Inajda’s back story, set in Russia and India, (3991 and 4002)

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Katherine has spent the past few minutes exploring her new apartment, but there is a knock at the door.

Katherine’s back story, set on board the Kyuunansen (3991)

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Alex takes hold of Jarad’s hand, and walks him out of the kitchen, to where she attempts to navigate her way back onto the sofa. He helps her, and they sit silently for a few moments, whilst she gathers her thoughts.

Jarad’s back story, set in China (3991)

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