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The Guild Master’s General has to set a course for Abouna Panak, so that he can fulfil his destiny. He has come to take Abouna’s mother on a journey, that will separate her from her son. (Read Part One Here) This episode is dedicated to everyone who has supported these stories over the years. Thank you.

The Guild Master's General's backstory set in Sudan (3941)

The Guild Master’s General’s backstory set in Sudan (3941)

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The Guild Master’s General has been summonsed back from his detour to see Katherine De Somme. He knows what’s waiting for him back on the streets where he lives. Reassuring Katherine was worth the beatings he’ll get as he waits for Mr Ash to arrive. The next issue is out on 25th June to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of these stories on wordpress.

The Guild Master's General's back story, set in London (Formerly Hampshire) England (6461)

The Guild Master’s General’s back story, set in London (Formerly Hampshire) England (6461)

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Who is this mysterious Guild Master’s General, and why does he seem interested in Katherine De Somme? Katherine wants to find out, but he isn’t being very cooperative.

Katherine's backstory, set in India (3991)

Katherine’s backstory, set in India (3991)

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Doctor Ajeeta Kotahri is shown around the Amanojuko fortress, by Helga Ritter.

Ajeeta's backstory set in Russia, (3991)

Ajeeta’s backstory set in Russia, (3991)

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Katherine had isolated herself in her apartment for the last few weeks. The trust fund her father set up for her, as severance, has enabled her to pay for a live in nurse, who gets her in and out of bed, but Katherine being a private woman and needing a lot of space, retreated to her laboratory, despite her reservations about Doctor Kothari.

Katherine's backstory, set in Saskatoon Military Base, India (3991)

Katherine’s backstory, set in Saskatoon Military Base, India (3991)

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Jarad wakes up, in the middle of the night. He acknowledges the guards, and notices Alexand’s sleeping bag is empty. Her wig is lying beside it, along with the cowboy hat, and Jarad has a bad feeling.

Jarad's backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

Jarad’s backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

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The group decided to camp for the night. They have reached the borderlands of Tibet. There is no military check point as the place is remote, so no need for them to split up as they had done earlier on in their journey. Farokh lays in his sleeping bag, watching the guards, as they tread the perimeter, hoping that the bandits can’t hear Heyem’s voice.

Farokh's backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

Farokh’s backstory, set in Tibet (3991)

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