Katherine is still uneasy about sharing her laboratory with Doctor Kothari.

Katherine's backstory, set in Saskatoon military base, India (3991)

Katherine’s backstory, set in Saskatoon military base, India (3991)

Katherine has had enough of her self-imposed ban from her laboratory, and despite Doctor Kothari being there, she finally has the courage to enter through the double doors, to visit the patients in her sick bay, some of whom aren’t much sicker than herself.

Katherine's back story, set in Saskatoon military base, India (3991)

Katherine’s back story, set in Saskatoon military base, India (3991)

Inajda has been working deep undercover as a socialite, in an attempt to infiltrate a new Amanojuko experiment, entitled “The Floating Asylum,” which the Amanojuko plan to use to cleanse the human population of any resistance. She has managed to get herself a pass, and using one of Katherine’s blood shields, she waits at the security desk ready to board the ship.

Inajda's backstory, set in Russia (3991)

Inajda’s backstory, set in Russia (3991)

The group made it to the top of the mountain safely, and trekked another half an hour down to the base camp in Annapurna, a place shielded from the elements. They have paid for pitched tents and have set up a camp fire, with some food roasting. Heyem sits by the fire, next to Alex, who is unusually quiet.

Heyem's backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Heyem’s backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Heyem sits on a bench, holding tightly to her stomach as the cable car swings away from its dock.

Heyem's back story, set in Nepal (3991)

Heyem’s back story, set in Nepal (3991)

After the mountain becomes too hazardous for the horses, the group have to walk on foot towards the next checkpoint.

Alexand's backstory, set in Nepal, (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in Nepal, (3991)

Alexand and her agents travel north east towards Nepal. The borders aren’t as closely monitored in the mountains, and they have to leave no trace of themselves at military checkpoints. The Amanojuko have spies in the army, and they can’t risk exposing themselves to capture. They blend into crowds, breaking into small groups, and meeting up again in less populated places.

Alexand's backstory, set in Nepal (3991)

Alexand’s backstory, set in Nepal (3991)


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