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After a month of overseeing Katherine’s rehabilitation, Inajda has been left behind, wondering where future Anesidor has taken her friend. She has been accompanied by the mysterious future version of Katherine, who seems to have an agenda for her as well.

Inajda’s back story, set in Russia and India, (3991 and 4002)


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Katherine is lead into a great chamber, with a gigantic circular table at the back. There are robed officials around the table, and they are flanked by thousands of warriors in similar battle dress to Samira Ganesh.

Katherine’s back story set onboard the Kyuunansen (3991)

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The ethereal Samira Ganesh escorts Katherine down a grand marble corridor. The ship seems quite empty, but there are a few straggling people, occasionally signalling their welcome to a new face on board. (This issue is dedicated to all those rebels who fight injustice in society, particularly the women who won the vote 100 years ago. Without them, and those who followed, I would not be in a position to see a future world inhabited by such strong and uninhibited women.)

Katherine’s back story, set onboard the Kyuunansen (3991)

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Katherine has spent the past few minutes exploring her new apartment, but there is a knock at the door.

Katherine’s back story, set on board the Kyuunansen (3991)

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Alex takes hold of Jarad’s hand, and walks him out of the kitchen, to where she attempts to navigate her way back onto the sofa. He helps her, and they sit silently for a few moments, whilst she gathers her thoughts.

Jarad’s back story, set in China (3991)

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Alexand managed to persuade Doctor Azizi to disconnect her from the wires, and remove the sedative drugs. He has hooked her up to a mobile drip, which feeds Katherine’s inhibitor into her bloodstream at regular intervals. Her Uncle Antun helps her into the living room.

Alexand’s back story, set in China (3991)

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Professor Sumian takes Katherine through electromagnetic energy waves, using her writer. They land on a ship, which is called the Kyuunansen. A rescue boat, housing two thousand rebels, and a race of warriors, called the Kyo-Ashita.

Katherine’s back story, set on the Kyuunansen (undisclosed location, somewhere in the ocean) 3991

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