After three more weeks on Christmas Island, recovering, Alexand is now fit for duty, and has returned to her army base in Saskatoon, India.

Alexand’s back story, set in India(3991)


Helga Ritter is developing new biological weapons, on board the Floating Asylum ship. She receives a distress call from Lord Anderson.

Helga Ritter’s back story, set onboard the Floating Asylum and Washington DC USA (3991)

Alexand had enough of Heyem, and excused both herself and her sister, from the table, so as not to upset Inajda. She walks with Heyem, away from the kitchen.

Alexand’s back story, set on Christmas Island Australia (3991)

Heyem has honoured Inajda’s wishes, and postponed her retreat back to Hong Kong, and has endured a morning of attempting to keep her big mouth shut, as she spends her twenty fifth birthday with Inajda, Alexand and Jarad.

Heyem’s back story set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)

Heyem is furious with Alex, that she hasn’t listened to her warning about sleeping with Jarad. She is more upset about Alex’s rejection of her. She has decided to pack her possessions and intends to ask Inajda to take her off the Island back to Hong Kong.

Heyem’s back story, set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)

The news of a cure came a day before Alexand and Heyem’s twenty-fifth birthday. As Heyem is soon to leave the island to go back to her career, and Alex is almost recovered enough to return to the army, Heyem is looking for her twin, outside on the beach, as she wishes to celebrate a day she thought they’d never share.

Heyem’s back story, set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)

Abouna Panak holds up the antidote, and passes it to a very happy Colonel Merek.

Abouna Panak’s back story, set on Christmas Island, Australia (3991)